Survey Studies Show: Church-Goers Wish to Continue with Digital Services in Local Congregations after the Pandemic

Ralf Peter Reimann & Holger Sievert


The Covid 19 pandemic has brought digital worship services to local congregations in Germany. According to two survey studies (ReTeOG 2020 and 2021), online congregants can be grouped into three clusters: The “skeptics” only attended online services if in-person worship was not possible; the “pragmatists” alternated between digital and in-person attendance depending on their situation; the digital “enthusiasts” were excited that possibilities of digital communication were now part of their spiritual and congregational life. If a congregation aims to be inclusive, it must integrate the digital worship experience in its congregational life to serve congregants from all walks of life.


Ralf Peter Reimann has studied theology and computer science and is the Internet Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland. He also serves as vice chairperson of the World Association of Christian Communication (European Region)

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Prof. Dr. Holger Sievert is the study coordinator and professor for Media Management, specialising in PR and Communication Management, at the Cologne Campus of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.

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