A Study on the possibility for Digital-Existential Reconstruction of Ecclesiology

Suk-Whan Sung


Advances in science and technology are making human existence more virtual. It would mean that the dualistic structure of the traditional Platonist epistemology and ontology is fundamentally being challenged. The existence of a virtual reality(metaverse) in which the difference between ‘the original’ and ‘copy’ becomes ineffective is requesting a major change in theology. Most of traditional churches in Korea debated the theological possibility of online churches, focusing on just functional aspects rather than existential changes of human life. We need to seriously consider the digital ecclesiology based on digital existence that remix(ology) our reality, responding to a new challenge in this on/off world.


Rev. Dr. Sung, Suk-Whan(Th. D)

Associate Professor
Department of Christianity and Culture in Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary(PUTS)
Director of the Center for City and Community

Yonsei University(B.A)
PUTS(M.Div, Th. M, Th. D)
The Graduate School of Bossey(Dip.)

Public Theology and Korean Society(in Korean, 2019)
New Challenge of Missional Church in Local Community(in Korean, 2020)

Conference paper (PDF)

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