Theology of Virtual Realism: Metaverse, VR Church, and Real Experience

John Paul Arceno


The paper contends for a theological perspective of virtual realism for optimal church engagement. This theology of virtual realism is explored through philosophical investigations (mostly coming from David Chalmers’ view) of metaphysics, ontology, and psychology in the light of biblical principles. Having a proper lens of a theology of virtual realism shapes a more intentional and purposeful engagement or involvement in the digital culture—specifically—the metaverse.


John Paul Arceno (ThM, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville KY, 2020) is currently doing postgraduate studies in Digital Theology at Spurgeon’s College London. JP is the Synergist for Tech (Digital and Virtual worlds) of World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission. Also, he represents Indigitous—a digital ministry arm of Cru. He has published book chapters: Is Virtual Baptism a ‘Real’ Baptism (2020), and Philosophy and Theology of Utopian Virtual Reality (2021) both under Vernon Press.

Conference paper [PDF]

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