Ritual or marketing? Theological negotiation in the development of digitally mediated worship services

Frida Mannerfelt


As part of the action research project Church in Digital Space, researchers have followed the development of digitally mediated worship services in two congregations in Stockholm during the end of the pandemic. Starting out with two quite similar worship services (short pre-recorded for the “regulars”), the two congregations ended up with different strategies for the future. The paper will describe and discuss the congregations’ theological negotiation processes.


Frida Mannerfelt is a pastor in the Lutheran Church of Sweden and a doctoral student in practical theology with church history at University College Stockholm. The working title of her dissertation is Engrafted: Preaching in Digital Culture and Space. She is also a teacher and research assistant at Lund University. Mannerfelt has been part of three larger research projects about the digital transition of the Swedish protestant churches during the pandemic, among them the action research project Church in Digital Space.

Frida Mannerfelt conference paper (PDF)

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